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Exotic Destination Wedding Planning Checklist For A Stress Free Wedding

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Brides have different reasons (or motives) for choosing a destination wedding. Some want to escape from the hullaballoo of getting married in the local area where they are forced to invite even people they don’t like. Some make it an excuse to finally see their dream vacation place. Others simply just fell in love with the idea. Whatever your reason is, this extensive wedding planning checklist will help ensure that yours will be a stress-free one.

One year to nine months before the big day

  • Buy a big thick notebook. What is this for, you may ask. Well, it’s the best place to keep records, contracts, receipts, notes, ideas and other information pertinent to your big day. Bring it anywhere you go so when inspiration strikes you, you won’t have to wait until you come home to jot it down.
  • Make a guest list. Collect people’s addresses, both email and snail mail. Yes, there are still those who are oblivious to electronic mail so be ready to send save the dates and invites through the post office.
  • Lay out your budget. Figure out how much you can afford to spend. Allocate this budget for every wedding expense. Determine which ones you’d want to cut back on and want to splurge on.
  • Pick a date and decide on a destination. Find out about the marriage requirements there. Research for possible wedding and reception sites along with wedding vendors and suppliers.

Nine to six months before your I Do

  • Send out save the dates to emails and snail mails.
  • Get recommendations on wedding vendors including florists, bands, DJ, photographers, caterers in the area where you’re planning to get married. Be sure to check references from the vendors’ past clients.
  • Choose an officiant.
  • Get to know about the tours and activities available in the destination.
  • Shop for your gown. Don’t forget to consider the ceremony site as well as the climate in your choice of destination.
  • Select the wedding party.
  • Put up a wedding website. See to it that you link it to the tourism board, hotels and airlines so guests can easily book their travel needs.
  • Shop for the wedding party’s attire.
  • Learn about the ethnic customs and cultural traditions in the destination of your choice. Consider incorporating them into your event to make it unique and memorable.
  • Register for gifts. Better yet, create a honeymoon registry.


Six to four months until getting hitched

  • Order the wedding rings. For some of the best designers in the industry, check out this post.
  • Get the necessary travel documents such as passports, visa and travel insurance. Obtain necessary blood tests or vaccination.
  • Arrange for rental of all equipment needed for the event.
  • Order wedding invitations and other stationery items like menus, maps, itineraries, place cards and many more.
  • Book accommodation and airfare for you, your spouse, your families and wedding party.

Four to two months before you’re officially a Mrs.

  • Arrange for group tours and activities.
  • Create playlist for the musicians to play during your wedding.
  • Order or create wedding favors.
  • Send out formal invitations to your guests.

Just one more month and he’s all yours

  • Have final fitting of the gown.
  • Assign last-minute tasks to family, friends and wedding party.
  • Write your vows.

Only two more weeks to go

  • Review all the travel and wedding details.
  • Create the seating chart for the reception.

When you finally arrive

  • Confirm all wedding vendors and suppliers.
  • Confirm with the wedding officiant.
  • Apply for the marriage license.
  • Visit and inspect the ceremony and reception sites.

On the special day

  • This shouldn’t be included anymore for it’s common sense: have fun and make the most out of your big day!
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